About Fire Department Needs

With eight fire stations throughout the city, Roseville firefighters are trained and ready to respond to a medical incident, fire, hazardous material incident, rescue situation, or natural disaster. The Department’s mission is to protect and enhance the safety and well-being of residents, businesses, customers, and partners.

Every Roseville Fire Department firefighter is certified as a Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician, and with at least one Paramedic on every response unit, patients with even the most serious conditions can be stabilized and treated prior to being transported to a hospital. Roseville Fire Department specialty rescue teams respond to incidents involving hazardous materials, rope, and water rescue, and structural collapse.

  • Roseville Fire also provides child (car) safety seat installs as well as child seats to needy families.
  • Smoke detector installation and troubleshooting are also provided.
  • Life vests are provided for water safety.>
  • Many of these programs go unfunded due to city budget shortfalls -your help is always appreciated.