The Roseville Public Safety Foundation supports the Roseville Police and Fire Departments in protecting life, property, and the environment by providing essential equipment, training, and public outreach programs to supplement city resources.

What We Do

We currently support the following programs:

Our Story

Roseville Public Safety Foundation (RPSF) programs focus on three areas: community outreach, mental health/addiction services, and crime prevention. The funding supports educational outreach, community engagement and collaborate with various programs that work closely with our at-risk populations. There is an increased focus on at-risk populations from teens through adults that are struggling with mental health and/or addiction issues. The funding will have a significant impact on the access to mental health services and addiction resources — services that are currently limited throughout Placer County.

Foundation funds are used to purchase outreach supplies, curriculum, and equipment. Funds will be used for printing materials, advertising, and hosting training classes.


Ongoing Causes

Below you will see just a couple of our ongoing causes. Please help us if you can…

Police K9 Support

The Roseville Public Safety Foundation raises funds for the purchase, training, safety, and veterinary care of Roseville Police  K9 dogs.

Offroad Rescue Vehicles

Help us fund Roseville Fire Rescue Team vehicles for offroad EMS, fire suppression, and at-risk searches.